Primark go lacrosse crazy

This men's t-shirt is currently on sale for £5

That’s right lacrosse fans, you read correctly. Primark, home to the ever cheap and cheerful ensemble, surprised the keenest of lacrosse lovers this summer when they added a number of lacrosse-inspired pieces to their rather enormous collection of clothing.

For the men: a t-shirt bearing the slogan ‘Detroit Lacrosse Campus Champions’, for the women: a hoodie with ‘NYC Campus Series Lacrosse’. Perhaps not the most original of lacrosse stash, but a significant step for lacrosse kind nevertheless.

I myself snapped up both items without delay and I can honestly report that they fit like a dream. Of course, they are not the most genuine of merchandise, but I have to admit that seeing lacrosse clothing in Primark makes me think that perhaps our sport is on the ‘rise’.

Could it be that an appearance in Primark will elevate the game to national admiration? Perhaps I’m being slightly too ambitious, but surely publicising the game to the masses can’t be a bad thing, right?

The women's hoodie is £10

Male or female, lacrosse player or lacrosse admirer, get yo’self down to your nearest Primark and make an investment! At £5 for a t-shirt and £10 for the hoodie, you won’t find much cheaper lax stash anywhere else.

Boost the popularity of the items and, who knows, perhaps Primark will be the next big thing on the lax stash scene!


  1. Last year NEXT had a range of ‘preppy’ kidswear out- I was minding my own business putting out a new line when i put out a new girls hoody which just had been sent to us- It had a pair of sticks on and the word


    blazoned across it. (And no i havnt accidentally missed off an ‘e’- they spelt it in correctly)

    So i cal up head office, told them their mistake and the response was as follows

    ‘The spelling on the garment is minimalist the real message lies in the story behind the clothing and what it represents’

    NEXT- teaching kids to spell wrong since 1982.

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