U19 World Cup: final group standings and quarter finals

It was another great day of lacrosse in Hannover with some great play by all the teams. England finally got their first win with an incredibly convincing 27-3 win over Haudenosaunee. They will go on to play Japan in tomorrow’s quarter finals in what is likely to be an incredibly tricky game. England will be looking to build on the errors that let them down in their first meeting with Japan during the second day of the tournament (England lost by just three goals).

Wales and the USA finished the tournament at the top of their groups, with Wales being crowned as the top scoring team so far in the competition. Storm Trentham’s team has put on an incredible display throughout the Championships and will be hoping to continue their triumphant successes when they face Australia in tomorrow’s quarter finals.

The USA seem to be unbeatable and are likely to be very confident when they face Group B second place holders, Scotland. The Scots will need to do everything and more to bring home a victory in what is sure to be their toughest game of the tournament so far.

In the fourth and final quarter final of the day, Canada will take on Haudenosaunee.


1 USA (5-0) 83 26 57
2 Australia (4-1) 69 46 23
3 Canada (3-2) 62 43 19
4 Japan (2-3) 62 69 -7
5 England (1-4) 62 60 2
6 Haudenosaunee (0-5) 19 113 -94
1 Wales (5-0) 90 20 70
2 Scotland (4-1) 80 40 40
3 Czech Republic (3-2) 48 53 -5
4 Germany (2-3) 39 61 -22
5 New Zealand (1-4) 32 74 -42
6 Netherlands (0-5) 23 80 -57

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