The ELA present the “Best and Brightest”

As part of their preparation for the upcoming international women’s season – which includes both Home Internationals and the 2012 European Championships in Amsterdam – the ELA are hosting a “Best and Brightest” tournament aimed at showcasing the skills of some of the country’s most talented lacrosse players.

The tournament – which will begin on October 2nd – will take place over four dates (the second on November 6th, the third on March 4th and the fifth on April 15th) and will see the top stars of the English national squads competing against each other in a series of games at the Surrey Sports Park in Guildford.

While little else is known about the format for the tournament, the games are sure to be incredibly intense and exciting and will provide a great day of entertainment for any lacrosse lover, plus any Welsh or Scottish players hoping to size up any potential competition for future international tournaments would be well advised to sneak along for a peak at the England players.

The Report will of course be attending and we will be sure to fill you in on any extra information that we can discover about the tournament over the coming weeks.

You can register now for free tickets for the first event by going to The first of the two games will start at 10.30am and the event will run until 2.30pm.


  1. Q1: Is this replacing territorials or as well as the Territorials?
    Q2: Is this competition exclusively for English girls?

    If the answer to both is yes, then they are missing a trick.

    The Best & Brightest is a good idea but should be inclusive and allow English, Scottish, Welsh, American & a certain Aussie girl who plays for North, then the competition truly would be the best.

    England Management have previously sent weak teams to the Euros because of the lack of High Standard competitionl. Here they have the opportunity to compete with and against all the best players in the UK including the LDOs and SCOs to truly test the young England hopefuls.

    To be the best you have to beat the best

  2. It’s basically England training with a different name, and a series of games against each other instead of drills.

    But it is free to attend . ooooohhh.

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