2012 European Championships – Day 1

Opening day in Amsterdam for the 2012 European Championships definitely set the stage for the rest of the tournament. The opening ceremonies and game (Germany 9 v Netherlands 8) were held in the Amsterdam Olympic stadium, which by itself, was an experience worth making the trip for. Not only was it a fantastic treat to be able to hang out in such a gorgeous and historic type of venue, but also knowing that the game of lacrosse was played in the very same stadium in 1928 at the Amsterdam Olympics really brought everything full circle for a lot of the locals. It was a humbling sight to see so many natives in their Orange attire supporting their home team on that type of stage (Netherlands). If the rest of the tournament is anything like the first day…we’re in for a wild ride.


Notice the lacrosse player in the original artwork from 1928. Surreal.

VIP Lounge with some Crooked Arrows posters as decor.

Olympic torch. Doesn’t get much sweeter than that!

Germany v Netherlands


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