2012 European Championships – Day 3 Recap

Ok…so we admit it. We miiiight have gotten a little wrapped up yesterday with meeting new people, seeing old friends, and generally just enjoying the day. We were so wrapped up in fact..we forgot to take notes for most of the day on the “happenings” to fill you guys in on. But fear not; we have a story for ya never the less.

We ended up having a few (or more) drinks with some Dutch hockey guys at the clubhouse after all of the games last night and found out some CRAZY statistics for sport here. For example, the venue that the EC12 is currently being held at is made up of 3 different hockey (field hockey) clubs in this area. All three clubs back up to each other so you can walk from one end of the first club, to the other end of the third club, crossing through all 3, in about 15 minutes…make sense? These guys basically told us, that at any given time, EACH club has roughly 23-25 teams a piece for both mens and womens; that’s about 50 teams all together per hockey club. And just to clarify….that’s 50 TEAMS…not players. So, 50 teams, at roughly 40-50 players per team, for 3 clubs. That’s roughly 2k-2.5k players per club…which comes to 6k-7.5k players between all 3 clubs. BLOWS…OUR…MINDS. So the next time you show up to training and there’s only 5 of you, you’ll be able to rest a little easier knowing that there are Dutch hockey players that out number you 1,500:1 all within a half mile of each other for their practices. Sleep well kids.


On another note, enjoy some pics from yesterday’s games.

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