2012 European Championships – Day 4 Recap

Things started to get into a “groove” yesterday for Day 4 of the 2012 European Lacrosse Championships. All of the vendors were finally getting settled in (Northern Soul, ProLaxShop, and Captain Lax), the national teams seemed to be in a routine now with travel back and forth to the fields and hotels, ans more and more people started showing up to see the action. Seeing that it was Saturday, it was no surprise that it was the busiest day so far with crowds of people packing in for every game it seemed like; no matter which venue you visited.



The day shaped up to be pretty close to perfect when it came to weather and action. The highlight game HAD to be the England v Sweden game though. This match alone was enough to convince any new spectator of the sport to catch the “lax bug”. The first quarter saw the defending European Champs (England) trailing Sweden at a staggering 4-0. The second quarter however was a different story all together England must have had some magic get up juice stashed away (either that, or first time national coach Matt Bagley lit that fire), because England came out to go on a 6, unanswered goal, run. Once this momentum started…they never let up. They went on to beat Sweden with an ending score that would never express the true energy of the game if you were to just read the results; 16 – 6.


It was a great day for lacrosse as it has been from the start here. As I sit here typing, it’s currently non-stop rain outside…and has been since the early hours this morning. So what will the Day 5 recap look like? Probably very…very…wet. Until then, here’s some pics from day 4 to warm your little heart. Enjoy!

Crooked Arrows starting to set up their booth for promotion of the European premier later this week.

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