2012 European Championships – Day 5 Recap

Rain. That’s the recap. Rain…and lots of it. From start to finish it was wet, windy, and pretty much just ridiculous when it came to weather. At one point I’m pretty sure I saw a cow flying through the sky…or it might have just been one of the Crazy Cow festival team players testing the laws of gravity from the tip of the clubhouse. Either way…impressive.

A midst the poor weather however, the teams charged on and not a single game had to be delayed or altered by any means.Slovakia v France on the men’s side saw the tightest score line for the day with Slovakia taking down the “W” at 11-10. The “grudge match” for the day was with England v Germany that saw some great efforts by both goalies for the majority of the game. England eventually took the win, but if Germany can tighten up some fundamentals over the next couple of days I think it will be a lot closer on their next encounter. On the women’s side there were some one sided games in the form of Scotland 20 v Latvia 0 and Germany 17 v Swiss 1 which seem to be the pattern we’re seeing in these first rounds. All in all the games so far seem to be pretty heavy to one team or another which isn’t making for the best spectator experience for the “passer by”. Hopefully when we start getting into the next rounds the score lines will start being a bit closer. One thing is very apparent though amongst seasoned spectators and the general lacrosse community here; the gap between defending champs England and the rest of the blue group is closing in slowly but surely. 4 years from now at the next Euros might be interesting to say the least. Check out all of the scores from the day below, and as always, the oh so glorious pics. Enjoy!


Scotland – Belgium 14:0 (6:0, 5:0, 1:0, 2:0)
Sweden – Ireland 4:12 (1:2, 2:5, 1:2, 0:3)
Norway – Israel 3:11 (2:1, 0:3, 1:4, 0:3)
Spain – Swiss 0:13 (0:3, 0:1, 0:5, 0:4)
England – Germany 13:6 (2:1, 4:1, 3:2, 4:2)
Slovakia – France 11:10 (5:1, 1:2, 4:2, 1:5)
Czech Republic – Italy 17:5 (4:1, 6:2, 3:1, 4:1)
Netherlands – Finland 3:13 (1:4, 0:3, 2:1, 0:5)


Wales – Czech Republic 12:8 (6:4, 6:4)
Germany – Swiss 17:1 (11:0, 6:1)
Netherlands – England 1:23 (0:15, 1:8)
Sweden – Finland 7:7 (5:2, 2:5)
Ireland – Austria 16:3 (9:3, 7:0)
Scotland – Latvia 20:0 (15:0, 5:0)

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