2012 European Championships – Day 6 Recap

The festival is here! Yes sir, the festival teams are here and were getting at it straight away as of yesterday. It seems that the tournament is now made up of two very different worlds. If you haven’t actually checked out the EC12 website yet, or haven’t seen a map of the venue, check it out below. Two of the venues are still running strong with the national team games for both the men’s and women’s rounds. The third venue however has now turned into a fantastic world that would make Alice beg for wonderland.

From the central area and main offices and fields for the tournament (Fields 5 and 6 area), you have to make your way down a path that winds through a few cricket pitches and a practice field (field 10) to make your way to the festival area. About the time are walking past field 10…something starts to happen. You notice that your eardrums are slowly starting to be attacked by the subtle sounds of an 80’s hair metal and dubstep mix, the air seems to be getting a bit “thicker”, and the skies might even be starting to close in on you as you head over the river and through the woods; but I promise you kids…grandmother’s house is not where you’re headed.

Once the path opens up from the woods, you can then see for the first time what the EC12 festival is all about. The towers of speakers in front of the clubhouse ring out over the three fields all day and night as the games are going on, the beer is constantly flowing, and the girls…well…there are A LOT of them! Irish girls, Swedish girls, American girls, oh my! On top of all of that, there’s some great lacrosse being played on both the men’s and women’s side of the festival. USA Starz, Global Players, Crazy Cows, and Bristol University (England) are just a few of the teams competing and it’s great to see the players mix with each other too when needed. All in all a great addition to the overall event so far. Check out below for the national team scores and pics as always. Enjoy!


Spain – Belgium 9:7 (0:2, 5:2, 0:2, 4:1)
Germany – Sweden 13:10 (7:5, 3:2, 2:1, 1:2)
Swiss – Italy 11:5 (3:1, 3:2, 4:1, 1:1)
Czech Republic – Scotland 12:13 (0:1, 6:2, 4:4, 1:4, 1:2)
Finland – Ireland 7:8 (0:1, 1:0, 2:4, 4:2, 0:1)
Norway – Slovakia 9:10 (2:4, 2:3, 2:2, 3:1)
Wales – Israel 13:14 (4:2, 3:5, 2:3, 4:4)
England – Netherlands 18:4 (7:0, 5:1, 3:3, 3:0)


Wales – Sweden 16:1 (9:1, 7:0)
Swiss – England 2:23 (2:13, 0:10)
Netherlands – Austria 17:3 (10:1, 7:2)
Finland – Scotland 0:17 (0:11, 0:6)
Germany – Ireland 14:7 (8:4, 6:3)
Latvia – Czech Republic 2:15 (0:9, 2:6)

Dutch supporters.

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