London or Bust – Site Visit for Team ArchLevel 2012 Tour

As part of our promise to keep this year’s Team ArchLevel tour as authentic as possible, we have schedule site visits over the next two months for each location that we will visit throughout this summer’s schedule. Below are some pictures we snapped along the way of some of the sights you’ll see with Team ArchLevel. Enjoy!

Big Ben in Westminster
Pub menu in the city
Just one of the many views along the South Bank
Some treats along the way
Inner City stroll on the beach anyone?
"Off the beaten path" is where we shine!
Souvenirs anyone?
Think the Queen will let the Team in?
Shades anyone?
Just a sunet view near where dinner is on the first biggie.
The view from our private banquet terrace for dinner.

Enjoyed the pics? All of that was just from day 1 of the tour…you’ll still have 13 more days to go after that view from dinner! Get on board and learn more at Get em’!

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