DreadLAX, Ambassadors of European Lacrosse

DreadLAX Sponsored by ArchLevel Lacrosse

For the last 4 years ArchLevel Lacrosse have been the official sponsors of the European travel team DreadLAX. We have watched what started out as a group of laxers with a passion for the sport grow into one of the most established travel teams in Europe with a network of players all over the continent. On their travels they have brought together players who are just discovering the sport with those that represent their countries on the world stage.

The DreadLAX boys have travelled to tournaments in the UK, Poland, Hungry, Turkey, France, Austria, Belgium and more! With full time jobs they still manage to find the time to spend their summers travelling Europe scoring goals, sinking pints and spreading the good DreadLAX name.

Recently DreadLAX have managed to produce a women’s team to travel Europe with them. They’ve also expanded into Box Lacrosse. As well as conducting themselves as genuine sportsman (and women) on the pitch, their off field antics have made them a very popular with other teams at annual tournaments.

We’ve been kitting DreadLAX out for the last few years with pinnies, shorts, jerseys and shooters and with the team trading their ArchLevel kit at every tournament they head to, our kit has found its way to countries all over the planet! Check out the pics below and stay tuned to find out more about their ventures.


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