Pockets, Names, Numbers & Logos for FREE!

Warwick University wearing ArchLevel Lacrosse Uniforms

We wanted to let you guys know exactly what you get for your money when you purchase your Team Apparel here at ArchLevel Lacrosse. Our prices include what other companies don’t!

Take our sublimated Game Shorts, for £21.99 you can have whatever design you want, number, logo and pockets with your own custom design in the pocket lining!

DreadLAX shorts with patterned pockets from ArchLevel LacrosseOr our sublimated Reversible Pinnies, for £24.99 any design, names, numbers and logos all included in the price! Also your designs aren’t limited, you can have wacky, not wacky, a little wacky or match standard designs on either side! Literally have what ever you want on them for example, a picture of Ron Burgundy…Ron Burgundy - ArchLevel Lacrosse Pinnie


The pic below is Rotterdam Jaguars from The Netherlands rocking jaguar themed pinnies and shorts. Rotterdam Jaguars wearing Archlevel Lacrosse Men's Pinnie and Shorts







We haven’t even got to the best bit yet, we also don’t charge you for design fees!


Demontfort Uni Mock - ArchLevel Lacrosse

That’s right, get in touch and we will have your design put together before you’ve spent a single penny!

What’s that? How do you start ordering your amazing team apparel from ArchLevel Lacrosse? Either shoot us an email at Orders@ArchLevelLacrosse.com or Get in Touch! via the site and let us know what you’re after.

Check out our other posts such as how we make your ideas come to life or read about DreadLAX touring Europe in their Custom ArchLevel Lacrosse Apparel.


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