Day 1 at the Frank Menschner Cup

DreadLAX - Archlevel Box Lacrosse Jerseys Frank Menschner Cup

DreadLAX had a great first day, achieving 6 out of 10 available points. The Cup is run on a system in which 1 point is awarded for each period won and 2 points for an overall win. The DreadLAX boys edged out the Wolves yesterday with a 7-6 win but were hit with a tough 1 goal loss against the Box Monkeys 4-5. Peter Griffin sent us the update expressing that he was extremely proud of how hard the team worked, especially as they won the last period against the Box Monkeys and managed to pick up an extra point.

Day 2 will see DreadLAX facing Custodes first and LC Pardubice later in the day. The full list of results can be found on the official website. You can also watch the games live here via youtube.

Keep your eyes peeled for more updates and head over to the DreadLAX site for full coverage later in the month.

Photos from LCC Radotin, check out their Fickr site for pics from the whole first day here.

DreadLAX _ ArchLevel Box Lacrosse Frank Menschner Cup

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