Cheltenham Lacrosse are back in the game!

Cheltenham Lacrosse Club - ArchLevel

We worked with Cheltenham Lacrosse Club 4 years ago to supply them with their Lacrosse Pinnies, Shorts and Jerseys. Sadly the team disbanded but now thanks to David Lennox and Joe Perkins they are back in SEMLA competing in West Division 2.

It had been 4 years since their last order but we kept all their designs on file, just like we do for all our customers. After a couple of email backwards and forwards we got their order under way ready for their fresh start on the English Lacrosse scene. Good luck for the season gents!

cheltenham-pinnie-whiteCheltenham Lacrosse Pinnie - ArchLevel Lacrosse

Cheltenham Lacrosse shorts - ArchLevel Lacrosse

If you would like to order or reorder your custom team apparel, reach out via the ArchLevel Lacrosse website or shoot us an email at

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