A Happy New Year Indeed

It’s 2012, and that means only one thing…it’s The Year of ArchLevel. Up to this point we’ve built our reputation on hosting custom team clinics, supplying coaching throughout the UK, and bringing one of the biggest names in the game over to the UK for a full-blown Pro Tour; STX Pro Kyle Harrison. But while some would look to take things to the “next” level…we decided to kick it in the a$$ and jump tolevel 10! BONUS LEVEL POINTS!!



So what does level 10 look like then? Here are some highlights:

– We’re expanding our Custom Team Clinics into Europe and looking to help grow the game as far as we can reach it!

– We’re adding two full Easter Holiday camps for junior boys and girls; North and South England venues

– The launch of our junior summer camps throughout England

– Hosting our first annual ArchLevel Tournament in Scotland

– Sponsoring 3 staple tournaments within England to include The Essex Spring Fling, Spencer Easter 8’s, and the Bath 8’s (in the works)

– Launching the first “Team ArchLevel” trip and revolutionizing the International Travel Team industry (www.teamarchlevel.com)

– The re-launch of The ArchLevel Factory with new staff, new apparel, and new LOWER prices (www.thealfactory.com)

And then there’s the list of events that we will be rolling out to with the ArchLevel booth and giveaways. Highlights to include:

– Berlin Open Lax Tournament (Berlin, Germany)

– Prague Cup (Prague)

– European Championships (Amsterdam)

– Men’s World U19 Championships (Finland)

– British National Championships (Manchester, England)

– Inside Lacrosse’s PowerBall Tournament (Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA)



In other words…if you don’t know about us yet…you will this year. We’re ArchLevel Lacrosse…and it’s very nice to meet you.