ArchLevel Coaching Course (Pilot) Launched In Germany

We are proud to announce that the first ArchLevel Trainer Course pilot is being launched in Germany, Dusseldorf in February of next year. We have been working with Lime Green Lacrosse to bring a wealth of knowledge to this part of Europe and to growing the coaching community. The course will run over the weekend of Fed 8th-9th and will prepare participants for the long coaching journey ahead of them.

Course Scope

The ArchLevel Trainer Course is a two-day introductory course on ArchLevel methodology, concepts, and skill development. The course includes classroom instruction on: ArchLevel concepts and methodology, ArchLevel core teaching philosophies, programming and planning, sociological and psychological aspects of sport, communication development, leadership values, learning styles and delivery methods, and individual skill development and team concepts.

Practicals include small group training sessions where coaches are instructed in ArchLevel training methods and philosophies with a focus on improving delivery techniques. Coaches have their delivery techniques observed and assessed, and engage in dialogue concerning effective correction techniques. Large group observation sessions are conducted as an example of bringing it all together; establishing an example of how to conduct a practice session and how to hold proper teaching techniques under changing conditions and program scaling for any ability level.

This course is designed to develop a coach from the root of what drives them and systematically evaluate the multiple aspects that makes this role such an important piece of society.

Courses Tier

This comprehensive course is also being sponsored by Captain LAX who will be providing each coach with a coaches pack and the equipment for the course. Accommodation is also being provide to players that require it as well as food and refreshments. The course fee has been set to an introductory 150 Euro for all coaches and includes all of the above.

To register and to find out all of the course information, including sneak peaks of the Coaches Hand Book, visit

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