ArchLevel Lacrosse Becomes Official Partner of the EC12

Press Release: EC12 and AL Partnership

Cambridge, England (January 19, 2012) – ArchLevel Lacrosse Ltd. today announced it has entered into a partnership with the European Lacrosse Championships 2012 that will be held in Amsterdam this summer; June 20th – 30th.


The partnership agreement will see ArchLevel Lacrosse coordinating and contracting elite/pro lacrosse players from the US to travel to Europe for this event to provide services such as free workshops, live demonstrations, streaming interviews and updates from the event, and award ceremony ambassadors among other services.

“This partnership is exactly what we are about with ArchLevel Lacrosse” said ArchLevel founder Vince Grimes. “To develop the game, by creating the best experiences possible for everyone involved, is the exact reason that we started this company in the first place. Getting involved with the European Lacrosse Championships was an effortless decision for us, as it would give us the opportunity to help create one of the most elite lacrosse events and experiences within the European community to date.”

“The cooperation between ArchLevel Lacrosse and EC12 is a partnership that was meant to be” said EC12 President Jens Schumacher. “The EC12 committee has the dream to make the European Championships the largest and most successful event in the history of the game, and ArchLevel has the ambition and ability to bring some of the best players in the world over to Europe to help grow and develop the game. Working together will inject a tremendous boost into the development of lacrosse in Europe; and just made sense.”

In addition to their involvement with things like workshops, demonstrations, and clinics during the Championship tournament, these profiled athletes might even be…dare we say…playing? “Details for a Team ArchLevel project, similar to the one that is currently taking registrations for this summer that features Kyle Harrison and Joanna Lignelli (, are being tossed around the office right now” said Vince Grimes. “If that part of the plan follows through, it would mean that local UK and European players, that would never have even had the opportunity to meet these individuals, let alone play with, would get the chance to suit up and compete right next to their idols as teammates. That’s where the difference is made; and that’s a true game changer.”

ArchLevel Lacrosse
ArchLevel Lacrosse is a lacrosse development company that is focused on improving the quality of the sport in the UK and Europe using specific programs and resources tailored to the needs of the constantly growing market. Founded in June of 2010 by Vince Grimes, Cambridge University Head Coach and US Air Force transplant, ArchLevel has taken the UK and European lacrosse community by storm launching unprecedented development programs and events. “Our Obsession is Your Progression” is their motto; and it’s the foundation of everything they do.They are currently accepting registrations for their first international travel team featuring Kyle Harrison and Joanna Lignelli from STX as head coaches (


European Lacrosse Championships 2012

The EC12 is being organized by the European Lacrosse Federation and Nederland Lacrosse, and will be held this summer, June 20th-30th, in Amsterdam. The main tournament will see total of 12 women’s and 18 men’s teams will compete for the title of European Champions, along with, a 10 day festival that will be open for teams from all over the world to compete in. Teams from England, the USA, Israel, and others have already registered to take part in this one of a kind event on the world stage. The festival is open for a total of 48 teams; 24 men’s and 24 women’s. In addition to all of this, the EC12 committee is also looking into organizing a Newcomers Tournament for all of the new European Lacrosse Federation members that want to introduce themselves at an international level.