ArchLevel Prepare For The Turkey Lacrosse Open

Just a couple of days until we jump on a plane and head out to the sunny beaches of Alanya for the TLO13, needless to say we are pretty excited! With everything the TLO13 team have planned, from stunt bikes to beach lax, it is sure to be an amazing experience. So as we pack our bags we thought we’d let you know what we’ll be bringing.

First off, we will have our first ever women’s ArchLevel Team entering into the women’s side with fresh new uniforms straight out of The ArchLevel Factory. We have players from all over the globe representing us as they take on NTNUI, Just Lax It and the Turkey Mix Team. As per Team ArchLevel style,  they will be rocking reversible pinnies and the ‘Performance’ shorts.

20130905-151246.jpg  20130905-151317.jpg  20130905-151307.jpg

We are also offering prizes to the TLO13 raffle which will help raise money for Turkey Lacrosse. We have donated two t-shirts and two pairs of shorts from the ArchLevel Store to go along side the prizes that have been offered from other tournament sponsors. The guys have received great support from the lacrosse community which is amazing to see!!


Finally you’ll be able to catch us at the ArchLevel booth where we’ll be hanging out with DreadLAX and Team ArchLevel. Make sure you head over as we will have music and free glow in the dark wrist bands for all! Ideal for the Alanya night life!

Make sure you keep checking The ArchLevel Report for daily coverage of the Open. See you there!!