Are goggles the way forward?

These goggles are just one of the many pairs available to female players

This question has sparked a great amount of debate amongst lacrosse players across the world. While our fellow players in the good old US of A are no longer able to choose whether or not to don the protective wire goggles, here in Europe freedom of eyewear still remains.

However, there have been countless discussions throughout the lacrosse world about whether or not the ELA should make the rather menacing looking goggles a compulsory piece of equipment for women in the UK.

There are, of course, pretty solid arguments coming from both sides;

FOR: the game is pretty aggressive. While of course, body checks are not allowed, accidents do happen. The lacrosse ball, I’m told, is an optimum size for causing damage to the eyeball and, depending on the stick skills of your teammates/competition, there is always the potential for getting a ball to the face (no pun intended!).

AGAINST: there are many who feel that introducing compulsory eyewear to the game will cause players to become more aggressive/exercise less caution in their playing style. The game is dangerous in many ways – forcing players to wear goggles may lead to the introduction of helmets and other protective equipment, putting some players off the game entirely. Plus, they’re pretty ugly.

As I said, both arguments have their merits. In my opinion wearing goggles just isn’t necessary in the game. You are much more likely to sustain an injury to another part of your body – fingers, feet (studs are lethal) or your head – and it really is up to the players and the referees to ensure that the game is played in a safe and controlled way.

Of course there are many who would disagree with me and we want to hear from you! What do you guys think about the goggles? Clever or dumb? Snazzy and professional or hideous and geeky?

Let us know!