Can Entrepreneurship Be Taught?

Starting a lax venture? Tips and research show that courses in entrepreneurship will set you up for success!

What is the influence of entrepreneurship education on intentions to become
entrepreneurs and becoming full-time entrepreneurs? According to Babson College
researchers, there is overwhelming evidence that taking two or more core
entrepreneurship elective courses positively influences the intention to become
an entrepreneur and becoming one at the time of graduation and long afterward.
Writing a student business plan also has significant influence. The findings are
based on a sample of 3,755 Babson College alumni who graduated from 1985 to
2009. According to Does An Entrepreneurship Education Have Lasting Value? A
Study Of Careers of 3,775 Alumni:

* The proportion of alumni entrepreneurs increases with the years after

* The proportion of alumni with entrepreneurial intentions steadily declines
after graduation but nonetheless endures for a time

* Males are more likely than females to intend to become entrepreneurs and
actually become entrepreneurs

* There is no difference between undergraduates and MBAs in intentions to become
entrepreneurs and actually becoming entrepreneurs when they were students, at
graduation or later when they were alumni

* The higher the income, the less likely alumni intend to become entrepreneurs

* The greater their job dissatisfaction, the more likely that alumni have
intentions to become entrepreneurs

* Full-time students are more likely to have intentions to become entrepreneurs
at graduation and later as alumni, but are not more likely than part-time
students to become actual entrepreneurs

* Founding a full-time business before enrolling at Babson is the strongest
influence on students becoming full-time entrepreneurs immediately at graduation
and alumni becoming entrepreneurs.