Community News: Hull LC

Our friends over at Hull Lacrosse Club dropped us an email with some updates on what’s going on up there since the last time we talked to them. Sounds like some exciting times area ahead for that area! Check out what they had to say:

“Hull LC are coming to the end of school development for 2010-11. As we move into the summer our activity in the junior market is set to increase. The club will open up Hull Lacrosse Academy on Sunday 31st July. The Academy is for boys aged 10-14 and is an exit route from our schools development programme. Sessions will be led by Gareth Cornelius, Head of Junior Development, the most experienced and highly qualified coach in East Yorkshire. To compliment this programme of work, Hull Lacrosse Club with linked up with Npower Championship side Hull City AFC to deliver lacrosse at multi-sport summer camps that will be run by the football club. Lacrosse is on the curriculum for the most popular camps and if it proves successful, it will be added to the final 4 events of the summer.

Whilst continuing with Junior Development, the senior side are continuing to train every Tuesday night from 7pm at the University of Hull in preparation for the 2011-12 season!”


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