DreadLAX - ArchLevel Box Lacrosse Jersey - Frank Menschner Cup

Day 2 at the Frank Menschner Cup

Day 2 was always going to be an up hill battle for the DreadLAX guys with their matches against 2 very strong teams. The first score line read 17-1 against, which shows just how strong an outfit Custodes are. Although the boys conceded 17 goals, they kept it to only 3-0 in the last period. Peter Griffin sent us another update and said the match was a hell of an experience for the all DreadLAX players involved.

The DreadLAX team moved on to their second game of the day against LC Pardubice. They scored half a point with a 1-1 draw in the first period but the DreadLAX players had a lot taken out of them from their first game and succumbed to an 8-1 defeat.

Today is the final day of the Frank Menschner Cup and DreadLAX face LC Pardubice again in the quarterfinals. Peter went on to say that although they have a tough day ahead, the team can already be extremely happy wth where they stand. The full list of results can be found on the official website. You can also watch the games live here via youtube.

Keep your eyes peeled for more updates and head over to the DreadLAX site for full coverage later in the month.

DreadLAX - ArchLevel Box Jersey - Frank Menschner Cup

Photos from LCC Radotin, check out their Fickr site for pics from the first 2 days here.