DreadLAX gear up for the Turkey Lacrosse Open

So it’s finally here.  The biggest event on the DreadLAX 2013 calendar, the final tour of the summer season (oh we’re not done for 2013 just yet…) and a great excuse for a pre-regular season holiday, the Turkey Lacrosse Open 2013.




As soon as we saw this event announced we knew DreadLAX had to be a part of it so we hit the recruiting trail hard and in a run against recent form we have a squad heavy on Brits.  We’re taking a squad that should do well but with so many unknown quantities in the draw it’s hard to make any predictions.  That coupled with the fact that we’ve yet to test ourselves against the challenge of a tournament with an all-inclusive bar, a beach and a 3 day warm up on site means we should be in for a very interesting trip one way or the other.


Our final squad is as follows:


  • Alex Harris
  • Chris McCann
  • Henning Scmidt
  • Peter Griffin
  • Ben Stothard
  • Peter Jones
  • Giles Cuddy
  • Brad Tippler
  • Stuart McGreggor-Dallas
  • Ed Biegel
  • Klaus Broker
  • Andreas Rossband
  • John Saunders


The tournament will see us face up against various former (and future!) DreadLAXers, in particularly the NTNUI team from Norway features players who lined up for us in Tillburg and Poland.


The journey for DreadLAX starts straight from the office on Friday 20th with the team assembling after a hard day at DreadTowers and getting a train to the airport.  From there we take two flights and arrive in sunny Alanya at 7am Saturday ready to be picked up and taken to the Diamond Hill Resort to make our presence known.


The tournament schedule is out and we have a tough first run with us playing the US team Northstar, a German tour side Just Lax It, Moscow and our friends from Scandinavia NTNUI.  The tournament however is just the main event of the trip, the support acts are coaching clinics and some beach lacrosse in the days running up to the start of the tournament.


The clinics and beach lax should fit in nicely around some good team bonding around the pool and in the (all inclusive) bar.  This is particularly exciting with there being so many new teams to meet.  Recruiting for the 2014 tour season is likely to be as fierce as the competition on the field.


As you should be coming to expect from us we are rolling up with some serious stash in tow, most of the squad travelling this time have lids and bags and we’ll be proudly rocking our new ArchLevel shooter shirts for the warm ups from The ArchLevel Factory.


Keep your eyes open on here and our facebook page for updates and pictures from the TLO and we’ll be sure to have a full run down once we land back on UK soil. tlo2013logo_alanya