England Universities Team to be Formed for BNCs 2012

CAMBRIDGE, England — Representatives from both the North and South England Universities lacrosse teams have confirmed that they will be combing these two squads for the British National Championships 2012.


Due to multiple obstacles that would result in a depleted side for both teams this year (coaching commitments, player availability, national events schedules, etc), the decision was made to combine the two sides for an England Universities representation at this year’s tournament. The selection process for this team will consist of a central trial for all players, followed by the reestablishing of the “North v South” game on the same day.The team will be selected through a joint effort between South and North Universities head coaches Vince Grimes and Alistair Hodgson, and be coached by Alistair Hodgson on the competition weekend.


This arrangement will be established for the 2012 tournament only; a re-separation of the two teams will follow for the following 2013 Championships. More details will be released soon for information on the trials, selection process, and schedules.