QUEBEC CITY, CANADA — The Federation of International Lacrosse has

been accepted as the 106th member of SportAccord. This decision took

place at the annual General Assembly of SportAccord meeting on May

25th in Quebec City, Canada. President Stan Cockerton and Development

Director, Tom Hayes were in attendance and President Stan Cockerton

presented the acceptance speech on behalf of the Federation of

International Lacrosse.

SportAccord is the umbrella organization for all Olympic, non-Olympic,

and international sports federations. “Renamed SportAccord in 2009,

the former General Association of International Sports Federations

(GAISF)… the purpose of SportAccord is not to replace the IFs, ASOIF,

AIOWF or ARISF, nor to step on their respective autonomy and

authority; it is about uniting the world of sport. SportAccord fully

recognises the IOC and the Olympic Movement’s authority; it is and

will remain a loyal partner in the achievements of the Olympic

Movement objectives.”

The FIL sees its membership with SportAccord as an opportunity for

increased cooperation, access to services and promotion as well as

being the first step in the pathway toward Olympic recognition.

SportAccord President, Hein Verbruggen, warmly welcomed the FIL as its

newest federation and FIL President Cockerton responded to the

acceptance with an expression of gratitude for acceptance stating

“this is a very exciting day for FIL. We are honoured to become a

SportAccord member, and will continue to strive forward in our pursuit

of the Olympic dream”.

The Federation of International Lacrosse was established in August

2008 in a merger of the men’s and women’s lacrosse associations. FIL

is responsible for the Men’s World Championship, World Indoor

Championship, Women’s World Cup, and both the Men’s and Women’s U19

World Championships. These events take place once every four years.

For further information on both organizations, please contact

www.filacrosse.com or www.sportaccord.com.