Get Your FREE Tour Stash From The ArchLevel Factory!

It is that time of year again where tour deadlines are due and everyone is getting excited for the best bad decision of their lives. Its now time to start thinking about how your team is going to look and this year, we have bigger and better tour offers!!

So all tour organisers get their stash for FREE!! That’s right whether you order pinnies, shorts, t-shirts or hoodies, organisers get theirs for FREE. This is based on 1 free item for every 10 ordered! You order 30 shorts, you get an additional 3 free!!


What do you get on your pinnies!??! Well for £23.99 you get 100% artistic freedom to design your pinnie however you want!! Names and numbers added at no extra charge!! Fully reversible!!

Shorts are £19.99, 100% artistic freedom, names and numbers included. They have Pockets!!!

IMG_1633IMG_1535 IMG_1504 IMG_1484 IMG_1489 IMG_1502 IMG_1500IMG_1505 IMG_1634 IMG_1501IMG_1661


All your stash in one place!!


Finally, the best tour photo submitted to us wins 50% off their next order!


Photo must be deemed appropriate (Definitely no nakedness!)

The photo must have been taken on tour in 2014

You must be wearing your ArchLevel Tour stash

Photo must be submitted to before 1st May 2014

The winner will be picked by our beloved lacrosse community


To get your free mock up email us


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