“Gimme the Good Stuff” Contest – Week 2 Standings

Week 2 Standings

The second week of the #GimmeTheGoodStuff contest is done and dusted and the points are starting push higher and higher. After a solid effort for most of the teams during the ArchLevel Report challenge for week 2 some of the leader board spots have definitely shifted. One of the most notable changes however comes in the form of a late arriving team; Roma Leones. After joining the contest later into Week 2…they are currently now sitting in SECOND PLACE OVERALL! So let that be a lesson for the lower seated teams at the moment…IT IS NEVER TOO LATE FOR A PUSH TO THE TOP! Check out the score board below as of the end of last Friday’s counting.

Game Changer

Check out the standings for all of the teams below as of this past Friday (end of week 2):

Week 2 Standings

Week 1 and 2
Name Current total
Kosynierzy Wroclaw 2126
Roma Leones 1473
Warwick Uni 504
Oxford Brookes 317
Manchester Met 284
Czarni Zniwiarze 262
Dresden Braves 250
Birmingham Panthers 243
Belgrade Zombies 241
Manual Arts 193
Tricksters 192
UEA 187
Canterbury 137
DreadLax 133
Nijmegen 128
Madrid Kings 126
Nottingham 98
Newcastle 92
Torino Taurus 92
Mainz 91
Sevilla Lacrosse 72
Lisboa Lacrosse 54
Istanbul Sultans 53
Madrid Lacrosse 45
DBP 38
Gloucestershire 24
Timperley 21
Bournemouth 20
Demontfort Eagles 14
Black Crows 9
Grom Warszawa 8
Seahawks 5
Panthers (USA) 4
Grissom Tigers 3
Vienna Monarchs 3
Whitby Warriors 3
Cleveland Vikings 2
Domstad Devils – Utrecht Lacrosse 2
Elk Grove 2
Kaiserslautern Lacrosse 2
Essex Uni 1
FXU Lacrosse 1
Pasadena Tribe 1
Grosse Point South 0