HeadWrapz and ArchLevel Lacrosse Form International Partnership in the U.K.

Press Release: Inside Lacrosse

It is official, HeadWrapz and ArchLevel Lacrosse have formed a partnership that will make ArchLevel Lacrosse an exclusive distributor for HeadWrapz in the U.K. and throughout Europe.

The rapidly growing lacrosse graphics company, HeadWrapz, has been building its international clientele over the last few months and realized the need for a partner on the front lines to better serve its customers.

Lacrosse is arguably the fastest growing team sport in the U.S. and the trend is continuing overseas with new teams in the U.K. and Europe popping up each week. With the growth of the sport comes the desire for the players and the teams to express their individuality. That idea of individuality is the premise on which HeadWrapz has been built. As a result of ArchLevel’s rapidly growing following in the U.K. and the brand recognition of HeadWrapz, we at HeadWrapz are looking forward to the big things that this partnership with ArchLevel Lacrosse will deliver.

HeadWrapz is the originator and innovator of full custom helmet graphics for lacrosse helmets. They started in early 2009 and have since developed the self-install HeadWrapz© for lacrosse players of all ages. Express your individuality (like Con Bro Chill) and/or team unity with HeadWrapz for the whole team. HeadWrapz are the only game in town when you want 1 or a few hundred. Check out www.headwrapz.com for more info and “Like” them on facebook here to see the new designs they crank out every week.

ArchLevel Lacrosse
ArchLevel Lacrosse is a lacrosse development company that is focused on improving the quality of the sport in the UK using specific programs and resources tailored to the needs of the constantly growing market. Founded in June of 2010 by Vince Grimes, Cambridge University Head Coach and US Air Force transplant, ArchLevel has taken then UK lacrosse community by storm launching unprecedented development programs and events all throughout the country. “Our Obsession is Your Progression” is their motto; and it’s the foundation of everything they do.

One of their most successful programs comes in the form of their ALLPro Tours which brings professional US players over to lead camps and clinics in the UK. STX and Nike pro Kyle Harrison launched the program this past April with massive success, and they are gearing up for the upcoming tour that will see Brett Hughes, Johnny Christmas, and Kristen Kjellman make their way over in late August. With Maverik pro Sean Lindsay scheduled for November, and Team Canada’s goalie Chris Sanderson in the works for December, the ALLPro Tours and ArchLevel Lacrosse are solidifying themselves as pillars in the UK lacrosse community.”

For further information about HeadWrapz and ArchLevel Lacrosse, visit www.headwrapz.com or email them at orders@headwrapz.com