Lacrosse goes Dutch

Lowlands weekend has arrived. Time to pack your sticks, your kit and your drinking hats and head to Amsterdam for the now infamous gathering of lacrosse players from all over the globe.

34 teams from nine countries will hit the streets and the pitches of the Dutch capital from Thursday ready to play hard and party harder.

Last year’s tournament received incredible praise from all participants, with some going as far as to dub the three-day tournie as their favourite of the summer season. To those unsure of what to expect from Lowlands, we’ve put together a list of need-to-know info for all prospective players….


According to last year’s players the standard of lacrosse varied across both the men’s and the women’s, although all teams said that they had a few really good quality games. The tournament is taken quite seriously by many of the competitors, but don’t panic, there’s plenty of time to party. In fact the organisers encourage you to get your groove on as much as possible with organised club nights, bar crawls and the now INFAMOUS BOAT PARTY.

Picture an incredible floating house party and you will be somewhere near the immensity that is the Lowlands boat party. Seven barges, each equipped with copious amounts of alcohol, large amps pumping tunes and plenty of lashing laxers, float down Amsterdam’s canals taking the party with them wherever they go.

Hostels and hotels have filled up fast so if you’re not sure of where to stay, get in touch with your closest lax buds and beg for a spot on their floor, I’m told the hotel managers tend to turn a blind eye when it comes to the enjoyment of their beloved laxers (don’t take that too literally, though!). There are accommodations to suit every taste, from the seediest of motels in the Red Light District to the quaintest of hotels surrounded by Amsterdam’s finest culture (that’s right, culture does exist beyond booze, boobs and weed).

Whether you’re going for the lax, the lashing or a massive portion of both you can be sure that you’ll find something to your liking at the Lowlands tournament. If you’re not up for either… well… you could always head to one of Holland’s world renowned ‘coffee’ shops!

The tournament begins on Friday and runs for three days, however many players choose to stay for longer just to enjoy to amazing Amsterdam atmosphere. While all the team spaces have now filled up, if you fancy a last minute trip don’t be afraid to offer your services as a ringer and head over for the fun.