Lacrosse to get a spot on Sky Sports

Warwick Lacrosse will be filmed at the university's sports fair

If ever there was a valid excuse to take out a subscription to Sky, this is it lax fans.

Our much-loved lacrosse is to feature in a Sky Sports spot thanks to the valiant efforts of the ELA’s Midlands Lacrosse Development Officer Dave Abini and Warwick University Lacrosse Club.

As part of the ELA’s ongoing INTO Lacrosse campaign to promote awareness of lacrosse in universities across the UK, the club will be filmed by Sky Sports as they promote the sport to new Warwick students at the university’s sports fair.

Members of Warwick’s teams will be interviewed by the sports channel, while both the men’s and women’s players will be filmed as they take part in demonstration games, giving viewers the chance to experience both aspects of the sport.

Both the men's and women's teams will be taking part in demonstration games for the cameras

Amy Martin, Warwick Lacrosse President, said: “We are so excited to have this opportunity to promote lacrosse, particularly as it’s a fast-growing sport loved and played by thousands across the world, with too little recognition right now.

“Warwick Lacrosse are excited to be encouraging new development in the lacrosse community this year not only by pushing our own teams harder than ever, but also by coaching in local schools so that they too might have access to such an incredible game.”

We’re not sure yet exactly when the report will go live, but we’ll keep you updated with all the latest details as soon as we get them!