LaxAllStars v Spencer LC & Friends

Today will the US-based travel team of size up their skills against a Spencer LC and Friends mixed team.The LAS group is stopping through England on their way to compete in the Copenhagen Cup that kicks off on the 13th of this month.

Their full schedule is as follows:

August 5  Fly from New York to London
August 6  Team meetings, free day of exploration, and a team dinner
August 7  Exhibition
August 8  London tour and Jack the Ripper Tour
August 9  Exhibition, team dinner
August 10  City tour and team practice
August 11  Plane to Copenhagen, free day of exploration
August 12  Copenhagen Cup opening ceremonies, tournament welcome party
August 13  Copenhagen Cup, team dinner, tournament party
August 14  Copenhagen Cup Finals, farewell tournament BBQ
August 15  Copenhagen city tour, team dinner
August 16  Return home

The “Spencer LC and Friends team is made up of South Prem players and are in high hopes of give the LAS crew a run for their money. Roster is as follows:

G. Conrad Olsen (Spencer)
G. Eamon Poller
D. Roo Cheatham (Spencer)
D. Bill Fisher (Spencer)
D. Toby Martlew
D. Alan Keeley (Spencer)
LSM. Ollie Barrett
M. Liam McGreavy (Spencer)
M. William Walker (Spencer)
M. Rob Arnott (Spencer)
M. Joe Darkins (Spencer)
M. Dave Howie
M. Rob Clarke
M/A. Matt Bagley
M/A. Pete Ross
A. Steve McDermott
A. Andy Brookes

We’re pumped to hear the results from this game and will have a follow-up article for everyone soon! Stay tuned…