Monkhouse Lacrosse Coaching/Sales Day

As we were doing the ol’ Facebook scouting we came across this event. It’s looking like Monkhouse is putting together a free coaching day and chance to buy up some of their lax gear all in one stop! Check out the details below and we will keep you updated as more information is released.

Message via Facebook Event at Monkhouse Event.

“Monkhouse Lacrosse are treating us to a free coaching session/sales day in Lincoln. They are offering both men’s and women’s training and we shall be holding this event as a joint session on one day. Teams from Lincoln, Staffordshire, Leicester and Hull are invited to participate!

Jason Jones and his colleague are both Welsh Internationals. Jason started at university 6 years ago and has been playing for the Welsh National team s…ince 2007, competing in the last European and World Championships. He has now returned to premiership 1 for Wilmslow, but took a year out to play for his home team in Liverpool this year. His colleague is a former Welsh Women’s 1st team, an experienced coach and founding member of Peru Lacrosse. They are both experienced coaches, and can tailor the coaching session to the needs of the clubs attending.

Not only can Monkhouse provide you with equipment, but they can kit you out from top to tail, socks, boots, uniforms, base layers and equipment all custom designed for your side.

A pricing list for all the deals and offers available at the time will be provided just before the event, and 10% discount will apply to any team deals made on the day.

Please RSVP this provisional date and if there are 20+ people confirmed then it can go ahead!

Dan Jones
President, Uni. Lincoln Lacrosse
Treasurer, Lincoln City Lacrosse

PS: We’re also hoping to host an England U19 match on Sunday 2nd (it could be a week after this) October, so hopefully it’ll be an awesome weekend of lax in Lincoln, put it in your diaries!”