Old Boys at The Den Haag Beach Tourney

Another summer has gone by with some fantastic lacrosse tournaments all over Europe. One that is always a guaranteed good time is the Den Haag Beach Tournament in The Netherlands. We supplied the uniforms for the Old Boys pick up team yet again and one of their players, Timo Samson, gave us a great summary of the weekend.
“Team Old Boys attended the foggy beaches of Kijkduin (the Netherlands) on Saturday the 24th, and we were looking at 5 games, 18 minutes each during that day. We heard we had to play 8 games on the Saturday, but because the sun was breaking true and a few teams cancelled at the last moment, we were happy to play 5 games that day! You can imagine what playing in the slow sand can do to your stamina…
First up was a travelling team called the Straighteners, which contained a mixed group of Dutch lacrosse players, unfortunately they were a tad better than us and they took the win. In our second game we faced a relatively inexperienced team from Amsterdam, consisting of local fire fighters who were just having fun experiencing the game. We took the win but it was a great game to watch! After a break for a match or two we faced a Swiss team who stepped up the pace a few notches and woke us up again! It was a hard and physical game but we managed to win that one. Next up an experienced team consisting of technical students from the university of Delft (also the Netherlands). We had some earlier encounters with them in the regular season and this turned out to be a difficult game with some good hard, but clean, checks ending the game in a win. Again we faced the Straighteners in the last game of the day but unfortunately we lost this one also.
Because the organisation wanted to buy us some time for Sunday morning, we agreed to play a sixth match against the Amsterdam Fire fighters, and managed to set the score in favour of the Old Boys!
After a great BBQ and an even better party that evening, the last beer went down at 3.30am on Sunday morning, knowing we had to be crisp and clean a few hours later at 9.30am to be exact. 
On Sunday we had to play our final 2 matches to decide who would enter the semi’s and after that, the finals!
Again we faced Swiss and the Delft students, with a tie against the Swiss and a win against Delft, we would face Delft again for the 3rd & 4th spot in the tourney. Delft didn’t want to play us again so we automatically turned out to be 3rd in the tourney and gave us some time to sober up and watch the finals Straighteners vs. Swiss.
After a good hard match, the Straighteners took home the trophy, and ending the Den Haag Lacrosse Beach Lacrosse 2013 edition! 
It was an awesome weekend with lots of sun, laxfun and a couple of icecold brewskies here and there, next year team Old Boys will be playing hard and will be rocking some more mad ArchLevel Factory uniforms! 
‘Live life to the Lax’
Over and out, Timo!
A fantastic weekend and one we would love to be a part of next year!
 BLAX2013 Yellow Man 8sBLAX2013 2