Red Bull Baggataway – Getting Back to the Roots

Red Bull and Paul Rabil will be teaming up to host a good ol’ “run of mill” lacrosse tournament…or is it?. The description of the 2 day long tournament simply says ” Not your average lacrosse game, Red Bull Baggataway has no pads and no out-of-bounds, just pure run and gun explosives. Taking the game of lacrosse back to the way it’s meant to be played  …” I think that does a pretty good job on summing up what we can expect.

Named after the Ojibway verb ‘to play Lacrosse’, the Baggataway tournament shows some aspects of the “original game” and how it was played. Before the STX swag and the Cascade helmets, there was wood and leather sticks and loin clothes for “kit”. Games could see hundreds of players at a time and could last multiple days as they were played to show thanks to their Creator. (i.e.: “The Creators Game”).

Regardless of your knowledge of the sport or interest in caffeine driven spokes models…this is an event you don’t want to miss updates on. It’s gearing up to be LEGEN…wait for it…DARY.


  • One opening Face-Off to start the game
  • 11 Players on the field for each team (1 romer)
  • No long poles
  • No off sides
  • No out of bounds on the end lines
  • The team that has a player closets to the ball as it goes out of bounds on the sideline will gain possession
  • Clock does not stop unless there is a serious injury or flagrant contact to the head
  • Penalties 1 yellow card results in change of possession and 1:30 second man up. Any intentional or flagrant contact to the shoulder and it’s a red card and you are out for the game
  • Fighting results in an automatic disqualification for your team eliminating your opportunity to compete for the $5,000 prize
  • No Warm ups! Be stretched and ready to go when the next game comes to a finish
  • After a goal is scored the play is live.
  • The goalie has 4 seconds once the ball is in his stick to outlet the ball
  • There is no crease. So the goalie will have those 4 seconds of freedom to outlet the ball to a teammate after that he is fair game
  • If there is a tie after the first day of play the tie is determined by the team with the most goals scored in total(Most goals = advance to next round)
  • If the tie is still not broken at this point the next deciding factor will be the goals allowed on the day(least goals allowed=advance to next round)