Scotland Lacrosse goes Semi-Pro

Lacrosse Scotland has put forward a new league structure in addition to their already existing one for the season 2013/14. The idea of this new league is to raise the stand of the game across the board with cash prize incentives. There are prizes available to the top 4 teams at the end of the season and to individual players on a weekly basis.

This new league has been called the Premiership and has dates throughout the year where all teams come together and play their fixtures on the same day at the same place. Through the introduction of the league, they are offering stat tracking and at least 2 qualified referees at every game.

Teams have the option to participate in the Premiership and whether they choose to or not, they are still in the normal Scottish League. If this is successful we could see the first Semi-Pro league for lacrosse in Europe. We wish them all the best and cannot wait to see how the teams get on!






All information is sourced from Lacrosse Scotland.