Team ArchLevel at the Turkey Lacrosse Open 2013

Team ArchLevel will be representing at the Turkey Lacrosse Open this year but for the first time, it will be a women’s team! We have assembled players from all over the globe to play in our first women’s team. The squad is as follows:

  • Charlie Lankston – Uk
  • Krista Lovse – Canada
  • Anne Farmer – Canada
  • Stefanie Boruta – Austria
  • Margret Gruber – Austria
  • Virginia Fairchild – USA
  • Chloe Bensaid – UK
  • Gabby Sinmaz – USA
  • Cassandra McClarnon – Canada
  • Valentina Levanova – Russia
  • Maria Levanova – Russia
  • Wendy McElroy – Canada
  • Stephanie Droop – Scotland

We are all extremely excited about the tournament and post match reports will be posted during and after the event! In the mean time, check out the uniforms from The ArchLevel Factory!

20130905-151307.jpg 20130905-151246.jpg 20130905-151317.jpg