Team ArchLevel – The Future is Here

So the months of work and anticipation are almost over. Details won’t be released until Jan 1st, 2012 when the project officially launches…but we wanted to give our UK and European laxers a sneak peek at what is on the horizon. It’s called Team ArchLevel…and it’s about to flip the world lacrosse community on it’s head.

Next summer (2012) will see the first set of international travel teams hosted by ArchLevel Lacrosse make their way across the pond from the US. This will be the first stepping stone to the MUCH bigger project (and eventual independent department of ArchLevel) of an international lacrosse travel agency program if you will. Want to join a travel team for the summer and head to Australia? What to book your entire home team for an all inclusive trip to the European Lacrosse Championships to compete? Want anything in between? We’ll have you covered. But more on that later in the year.

As for this coming tour we will simply say, for now, that it will be unlike anything out there in the “travel team” market to date. It’s a bold statement…and we stand by it. And did we mention we’ll be giving away a FREE spot per team? Stay tuned for the official launch on January 1st 2012!