The Berlin Open – International Lacrosse Tournament

The Berlin Open is one of the largest and most traditional lacrosse tournaments in Europe. To ensure a classic international tournament at the highest level they have invited over 30 teams from around the world to compete this weekend; 20 men’s and 12 women’s. The tournament will take place June 17th to June 19th and will see games being played from 8am until around 8pm every day. Along with the elite level lacrosse games, players and spectators will be treated to 3 different parties throughout the weekend that guarantee to be massive events themselves.




Teams from all over the world will be competing for the top honors at the Berlin Open this year. See the full team list below:


  1. Global Starz (USA)
  2. Global Players (USA)
  3. Team Switzerland (Switzerland)
  4. LCC Radotin (Czech Republic)
  5. Jizni Mesto (Czech Republic)
  6. Team Latvia (Latvia)
  7. ProLaxShop (Mixed)
  8. ILL Allstars (Ireland)
  9. France Lacrosse (France)
  10. Team Nando (UK)
  11. Flamin Nomads (UK)
  12. Amsterdam Lions (Netherlands)
  13. Farsta Lacrosse (Sweden)
  14. U19 LaxBros (Germany)
  15. Bundesliga Ost (Germany)
  16. Bundesliga Nord (Germany)
  17. Bundesliga Süd (Germany)
  18. Oaks (Germany)
  19. Blax (Germany)


  1. Global Starz (USA)
  2. Global Players (USA)
  3. Jizni Mesto (Czech Republic)
  4. LCC Radotin (Czech Republic)
  5. USA AI (USA)
  6. Irish Women’s Development Team (Ireland)
  7. Amsterdam Lions (Netherlands)
  8. Helsinki Chiefettes (Finland)
  9. U19 Germany (Germany)
  10. Bundesliga Süd (Germany)
  11. Golden Girls (Germany)
  12. Blax (Germany)