U19 Women’s World Cup: current standings

Today the teams are enjoying a well-earned rest day, taking the chance to re-group, celebrate, commiserate and – in some cases – working out an entirely new strategy before heading into the final day of the group stages.

It’s been a great tournament so far with many teams demonstrating an incredible talent and flare that’s great to see at a younger level. If this competition is anything to go by, the senior World Championships in 2012 are going to be amazing.

We’ve put together the current league standings so that you can see where the teams are currently placed in their groups and compare score lines etc.

Let us know what you think of the games so far – were your predictions right? Have there been any upsets that have left you re-evaluating your first thoughts about teams? We want to hear from you! Comment below and let us know what you think.

Current Standings


1. USA (4-0)

Goals for: 63

Goals against: 19

Goal dif: 44

2. Australia (4-0)

Goals for: 62

Goals against: 26

Goal dif: 36

3. Canada (2-2)

Goals for: 49

Goals against: 35

Goal dif: 14

4. Japan (2-2)

Goals for: 54

Goals against: 56

Goal dif: -2

5. England (0-4)

Goals for: 35

Goals against: 57

Goal dif: -22

6. Haudenosaunee (0-4)

Goals for: 16

Goals against: 86

Goal dif: -70


1. Wales (4-0)

Goals for: 68

Goals against: 19

Goal dif: 49

N.B. Wales are currently the highest scoring team in the tournament.

2. Scotland (3-1)

Goals for: 67

Goals against: 31

Goal dif: 36

3. Czech Republic (3-1)

Goals for: 39

Goals against: 40

Goal dif: -1

4. New Zealand (1-3)

Goals for: 31

Goals against: 52

Goal dif: -21

5. Germany (1-3)

Goals for: 28

Goals against: 56

Goal dif: -28

6. Netherlands (0-4)

Goals for: 18

Goals against: 69

Goal dif: -51