What the Hell is an “ArchLevel” Anyways?

The name ArchLevel is not a normal one…but hat was the point. So where did the “word” come from? Well I wanted to have a name that stood out to people and one that would easily be remembered by the community. In all honestly, “ArchLevel Lacrosse” was very close to being called “Blue Collar Lacrosse”. But that didn’t last long after the Google search bounced back a company in the states that had been around for longer than I had even been thinking about starting a business.

After many white board sessions and a full notebook of jotting down ideas and names…
I decided to “create” a word. I knew I wanted it to reflect a certain “level” of development so I wanted to have a word that represented “level”. Just so happened to take the lazy route and actually use the word itself. The other word had to describe the type of level. “TopLevel”, “PeakLevel”, and even “MonsterLevel Lacrosse” were all ideas that I see as I flip through the trusty notebook now. Needless to say…Google is my friend. With a synonym search at my disposal and an open mind…I searched. Later rather than sooner I settled on the word “Arch” that described the artichetural genius of the Romans. After that it was on like Donkey Kong.

With the name sorted…it was time for a logo. This didn’t come easily by any means. It
went through the stages all the way from an actual arch, to the keystone figure of an arch, and yes…even a variation of the St. Louis Arch (look it up…not exactly the picture
of lacrosse).

Original font. Too gritty for the look we wanted.

I finally said to myself “this needs to mean something. It needs to be personal”. So I started looking at military insignia. That’s when decided to go with a
variation of the General of the Army insignia from the US military (the highest rank in
the military of course…only held at time of war if needed to eqaute to the highest military leader of any opposition).

Getting there...but not there yet.

With some editing of the stars, and added sphere to represent the lacrosse ball that we all love and hate at times…it was sorted.

Final product.

So ArchLevel Lacrosse was born…and the rest is histoy in the making. Did you think that was the story at all? I still can’t believe it.