Can the USA be beaten?

Here at The Report, we’ve seen our fair share of lacrosse tournaments. Most recently, of course, was the U19 women’s World Cup in Hannover which saw the team from the USA claim the trophy in a ferocious victory that was – let’s face it – predictable from day one.

That’s not to say that the women of the USA team didn’t give their all on the pitch. In fact, they soared through the competition with ease and victorious celebration becasue of their neverending passion and enthusiasm on the pitch.

It’s fair to say, however, that the majority of people had pegged the Americans as the would-be victors from the day that the tournament was announced. Indeed, the majority of teams that I spoke to weren’t even bothering to focus on the thought of beating the US, but instead aiming for more seemingly attainable goals – second place, a medal, top five etc.

At the men’s World Championships in Manchester in 2010, I don’t think this was the case as we saw Canada and the US battle it out on the pitch in two fiery and ferocious games that saw the Canadians walk away victorious after their first battle. When the two teams met again in the final the clash was incredible and the talent displayed on the pitch spectacular, however it seemed to be another inevitable set-up that many spectators had not just predicted but 100% expected to happen. USA v Canada in the final was inevitable.

So what I want to know is this: do you, the lacrosse-ing masses, think that the US dominance of the sport can come to an end in the next few years? As far as I’m aware in the women’s game no team has really come close to achieving the brilliance displayed by the US team in recent years. While the Aussies put on an impressive display in Hannover – and have one memorable victory over the US team in 2005 – their play was still no match for the Yanks and they too failed to make a dent in the Americans’ impressive goal average.

In the men’s game, it seems more likely that the Americans might suffer defeat at the hands of their Canadian rivals and yet they still seem somewhat unbeatable?

There has been much conversation about the standard of lacrosse across the globe, inspired by the performances of every team at both the men’s World Championships last year and the women’s World Cup last month. At every international competition the number of participating teams increases, bringing with them a larger and more publicised tournament.

Which is great for the sport, right?

Definitely, and if anything, the dominance of the US players should inspire newer international squads to achieve so much more than they might have ever thought possible. However, when you look at the resources that US Lacrosse have at their disposal, I fail to see how any other international body or team could rival them.

But, I’m open to suggestions and that’s exactly what I want from you guys. Let me know what you think by commenting below. Or, if you have a particularly strong opinion on the topic – I’m lookin’ at you CuseFan! – then whack us an email at