Aberdeen University Clinic – Scotland Making Moves!

When the clinic booking first came down the pipes for the guys up at Aberdeen…we were a bit curious. Not about the level of play (those guys can ball!), and not about whether or not we were going to be forced to quote Braveheart for the entire event; but rather, we were more curious about whether or not this was going to be our last clinic ever due to us all freezing to death as a result. Scotland in early February isn’t exactly flip flop weather…usually.


EARLY morning flight up north.


Skip ahead to this past Sunday evening and you would find 3 ArchLevel coaches sitting in a Costa in Aberdeen, Scotland trying to sort a last minute hotel room for the night. Now this wasn’t due to a snow packed Aberdeen airport (as a matter of fact we had blue skies and shining sun ALL day for the clinic), but instead, a closed Luton airport from a massive snow storm; colour us surprised.


Knocking out some work in the Aberdeen airport.


Even the change in travel plans couldn’t take away from the great weekend though. We put on a 6 hour clinic for the guys up there and saw 20+ players give it everything they had for the whole day. From fundamental tactics, to slide packages and team concepts…we hit it all! It doesn’t just stop there for the Aberdeen guys either, because less than 24 hours later they confirmed their SECOND clinic with us for March! All in all it was a fantastic weekend and we can’t wait to get back up there! Check out some photos from the weekend (even a little TGI Fridays action!).




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