…and the Summer Tour begins!

As the year rolls on and the regular season gets towards the business end of proceedings we find ourselves increasingly preparing for tour season.

We have our first tournament on 8th May, the Silesia Cup in Wroclaw, Poland.

Dread 1

As keen followers of DreadLAX you will no doubt be aware that we have some unfinished business in Wroclaw.  Last year we came third after a terrible performance in an early morning semi-final (after a sterling showing the previous night) and two years ago we came second place to a solid Bratislava Tricksters team.  We need to put a good showing in this year, on the field as well as off it.

The team that will be aiming to right some wrongs and show how good we can be the night before and the morning after will be:

Tony Ackers (GK) – Hillcroft Lacrosse Club

Peter Griffin (D) – Hillcroft Lacrosse Club
Ben Stothard (D) – Hillcroft Lacrosse Club
Christoph Kunert (D) – Vienna Monarchs Lacrosse Club

Sam Scott (LSM) – Hillcroft Lacrosse Club

Chris Turner (FO/M) – Hillcroft Lacrosse Club
Jacob Derbyshire (FO/M) – Hillcroft Lacrosse Club
ALexander Luke Harris (M) – Hillcroft Lacrosse Club
Ingmar Klienbannink (M) – Rotterdam Jaguars Lacrosse Club
Hector Smethurst (M) – Bath University
Oliver Bailey (M) – Hillcroft Lacrosse Club
Peter Jones (M) – Hillcroft Lacrosse Club
Stefan Marschall (M) – Vienna Monarchs Lacrosse Club
Mario Arh (M) – Vienna Monarchs Lacrosse Club

Giles Cuddy(M) – Hillcroft Lacrosse Club

Paul Milner (A) – Reading Wildcats Lacrosse Club
Rhys Morgan (A) – Hillcroft Lacrosse Club
Patrick van Lavieren (A) – Rotterdam Jaguars Lacrosse Club

Will they all make it there?
Will we hit any last minute recruitment?

Flights are booked, stash is being ordered and the goody bags are in progress. So keep your eyes peeled for our review of our time in Wroclaw later in the year…

Dread 2