ArchLevel Lacrosse Sponsor DreadLAX

We are proud to announce that ArchLevel Lacrosse are now the official sponsor of the touring lacrosse team DreadLAX. You will be able to find out all about DreadLAX’s European adventures here at The ArchLevel Report as they attend some of Europe’s most prestigious lacrosse tournaments. For those of you that haven’t heard of DreadLAX, Giles Cuddy, one of the founding members of the travel team, has explained how the team began:

“DreadLAX came about from seeing some of the premier tournament teams in the US on the internet and playing some of the UK touring teams such as Jedi LAX, Nomads and Gin & Juice in tournaments across Europe.

These are all great teams, some of whom I’ve played for, but my friends and I  wanted something different, something that was our own. We wanted a touring team for our friends and the new friends we’d meet as we travel to different tournaments across Europe and beyond.

DreadLAX was born. We’ve played in tournaments in Europe and the UK and will continue to do so even further abroad. Hope to see you at a tournament soon.”

If you see a ‘DreadLAXer’ at an event, be sure to check out their Performance Apparel from The ArchLevel Factory.