DreadLAX – Tilburg Build Up

This Friday, the 26th of July, will see DreadLAX’ers from all over Europe travelling to arrive in the picturesque city of Tilburg. Tilburg is in the Netherlands and happens to be hosting the largest funfair in Benelux. Now everyone knows DreadLAX loves a party (and we bring it by the bucketful!) but we also love to lax, so when we got the invite to take part in the Tilburg Cup which is being held on the same weekend we marked this event down on our calendar as one not to be missed. The Tilburg Cup now in its 5th year and it is growing from strength to strength. This is the first time that DreadLAX are attending and if it lives up to the hype, it could well be a permanent fixture on the calendar.

DreadLAX as usual are taking a multinational squad with representatives from England, Wales, Serbia, Norway, Germany, Holland, Poland and Austria! This is also the largest squad DreadLAX have taken to a tournament as well! Tilburg is unknown territory to us as a whole so yep, we’re taking this one very seriously! Coinciding with this fantastic tournament is the launch of DreadLAX’s new website and shop, where you can currently find available, DreadLAX t-shirts and soon, a whole lot more. However, most importantly there are the beginnings of DreadLAX Ladies, (affectionately known as the LadyDreads) visiting as well, eager to take part, and creating the foundations of another great team! With the plans to take an official DreadLAX Ladies squad to future tournaments the ladies attending the Tilburg Cup this weekend truly are the pioneers of this team! Watch out also as we work with ArchLevel Lacrosse and the ArchLevel Factory to create some top uniforms for the ladies as well.

There will be a great write up of the tournament to follow and keep your eyes on our twitter and facebook pages for live updates from the event, as well as the Tilburg Cup website. Don’t forget that if you are in the area, give us a call, we answer the DreadLine 24/7.