Gimme The Good Stuff – Winners

Earlier this year we released the ‘Gimmie The Good Stuff’ contest where lacrosse teams from all over the world competed to win 20 free sets of uniforms. We had entrants worldwide liking, retweeting, tagging, sharing, favouriting and doing every other form of social media interaction! The response was fantastic and the number of Facebook likes was huge! So with the massive number of teams getting involved, we increased the amount of prizes, giving more people the chance to win!


With that, not only were you in the running for FREE uniforms, you could also win huge discounts of up to 50% off your next order. As if that wasn’t enough, every team who entered and didn’t win a prize received a 10% discount. There were prizes for everyone!

But as with anything, there could only be one winner and Kosynierzy Wroclaw of Poland took the win with huge participation from their fans. They stormed the Facebook competition, receiving well over 1000 likes. Kosynierzy recently released their new, free, uniforms and sent us the pictures.


Next year, the uniform give away will be even bigger with loads more prizes to be handed out! In the mean time, we look forward to seeing the rest of the contestants spending their discounts and receiving more awesome uniforms!