Lacrosse the Nations

This US based non-profit organization is doing amazing things for our sport; and the world. Founded by lacrosse legend Brett Hughes (STX and LXM pro and future ALLPro tour pro) and laxer and musician Brad Corrigan (Brad played for Middlebury College and helped form the band Dispatch), LtN “unifies the lacrosse community to sustainably improve education and health while creating hope and opportunity for children in need.” as their mission states. We think they are amazing…and so should you.



Lacrosse the Nations’ lacrosse programming uses a holistic approach to bring hope and opportunity into the lives of children living in need.   The lacrosse program creates a space for kids to be kids, one of the only places where they can have fun, be safe, and play together productively.   It also allows for the coaches to become valuable mentors and role models.  Our Life Skills Curriculum helps translate the skills learned on the field, such as teamwork, leadership, and self worth, into areas off the field.  Additional elements such as our Nutrition Program and Coaches’ continuing education scholarship help facilitate change that is specific to the needs of each community.


Lacrosse is the conduit by which we achieve our mission of improving the lives of children in need across the globe. Our program uses the lacrosse field as a platform to teach students valuable life skills and health education.  Our holistic approach includes lacrosse as a PE and afterschool program, developing and implementing a Life Skills Curriculum, a breakfast nutrition program, monthly field trip rewards to foster enrollment and attendance, and a Coaches’ Scholarship Program for continuing education.  Go here to read more about each element of our program.

We believe that even while surviving in extreme poverty, people can have incredible humility, dignity and generosity of spirit.  We listen to them to learn about their greatest needs in hope to create sustainable change to alleviate the pressures of poverty. Our first program in Nicaragua is a learning and piloting opportunity to determine the most successful model for our lacrosse programs. This program will be scalable and replicable as we establish new program sites both internationally and domestically.


We will be bringing you loads more from this amazing organization and all of there contributions to the sport and communities around. Check out all of the details of what they do and how to get involved at and head over to their facebook page also at Lacrosse the Nations.