2012 European Championships – Day 7 Recap

It was an exciting day yesterday for many reasons. Some great games, crazy festival antics, and the European premier of Crooked Arrows last night in the city. Can you say good times? I can…good times. The highlight from the knock out games for the national teams HAD to be the Netherlands v Czech Republic match. Most of the game was intense with a back and forth score line happening for the most part, but the last bit of regulation play is when it got REALLY interesting. With 3 seconds left in regular time (yes…3 seconds) The Czechs came up with an amazing goal which knotted the score at 8 at the end of regulation play to take them into an overtime situation. The first OT period was scoreless…along with the second. This then took the game into a “golden goal” period; first to score wins. After some intense back and forth as you can imagine, The Netherlands at a clean looking time and room shot for the winning goal which gave the “home town” crowd an overwhelming sense of “let’s get crazy” as they erupted from the sidelines…and then spilling onto the field itself. Awesome game…awesome experience.

The festival was in full swing again with some crazy shenanigans going on throughout the day. I’ve been involved with the sport for some time now, and have seen some things, but I must admit it was first experience for a Cow v Pikachu goalie faceoff. Yep…THAT…JUST…HAPPENED! The cow won in decisive fashion as they always do.

The day wrapped up with the exclusive European premier of the first mainstream lacrosse movie; Crooked Arrows. It was quite a sight to see so many lacrosse players in one area…that didn’t have a field at it. There was a mix of “oh we’re going and and dressing for this bad boy”, and the “my shorts and pinnie from today’s 6 games is good to wear tonight right?” throughout the attire of the attendees. Needless to say, when you get a ton of laxers together, give them free booze, put a live music in there during the pre-party, and then give them an exclusive look at a movie dedicated to their sport in a lush theatre…it’s a good night. Good times all around and a great 7th day (1 week total mark!) Check out some pics as always below. And by the way…tonight there’s a party at the main clubhouse apparently that is expected to be pretty intense…might be worth the red eye ticket out here just for that. Just saying…

Outside of the Tuschinski Theatre where Crooked Arrows played.

The scene outside of the theatre afterwards. Party in the streets!

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