5th Mainz ELF Lacrosse Camp – A Milestone in German and European Lacrosse

Last weekend Mainz Lacrosse in Germany hosted their 5th camp in 5 years for both men and women. Once again the weekend was a huge success as all players walked away having learnt something new, made new friends and had an enjoyable time. Mark Stone from Mainz Lacrosse gave us just a few words on how the weekend went.


Last weekend an overall of 120 Lacrosse players (male and female) came together in Mainz, Germany to practice hard and grow the fastest game on two feet – Lacrosse. Six coaches from America and England led the weekend and put the participants through four units of very intense practice.


Setting the record for the biggest European Lacrosse camp for two consecutive years, the Mainz ELF Lacrosse Camp is an example for how hugely popular Lacrosse is becoming in Europe and how hard everyone is willing to commit themselves to the game. ArchLevel Lacrosse donated prices to the ‘Most Improved Player’ and the ‘Camp MVP’. LimeGreen Lacrosse donated prices for the first and second places in the men’s and women’s fastest shot competition. Overall this is what Lacrosse in Europe is all about: working hard, playing hard and partying hard – and all with people that love the game!

This year the guys at Mainz offered something a little different to all their participants as they ordered camp pinnies through The ArchLevel Factory. All players could order their own pinnie to take away and remember the fantastic experience they had.

Mainz ReverseMusketeers reverse

We hope to see this camp continue to grow at such a phenomenal pace and we definitely look forward to next year!!