The Future in International Travel Teams

We’ve thrown the phrase “the future” around a lot in the past couple of weeks leading up to the New Year launch of one of our biggest projects to date. But the thing is…we really believe it’s true!

We started tossing around the idea for an international travel team program early 2011…but we were feeling moody that day and decided we weren’t pretty enough for the “big show” yet. So when the topic came up again later in the year on a day that we WERE feeling pretty…we decided to poke around a little bit and see what we could come up with. Enter Henning Schmidt; a number crunching, schedule detailing, doing before he’s asked, keen bean, massive German lacrosse enthusiast…that also just happens to work for the European Lacrosse Federation (back off…he’s ours now).

Henning was the type of guy I quickly found out that would take the words “that sounds like something we would be interested in doing”, and understand that as “send me a complete work up for a rough schedule, early cost estimates, and general breakdown of the entire program…and do this all by tomorrow”. So needless to say, when I received an email the next day with everything from the latter quote when all I really said was the first…I became very interested…very quickly.

Once we wrapped our heads around the idea that we were going to tackle this project, the next thought immediately entered our minds–If we’re going to do this…we’re going to do it right. Bigger, Better, and Unlike anything on the market so far. Our schedule was going to be more authentic, our planning was going to be personal and 100% involved , and the coaching…well we knew what we wanted for the coaching. Since we started ArchLevel we have been blessed to make some great friends along the way…so we reached out to them. Enter STX powerhouses Kyle Harrison and Joanna Lignelli. Sure, we could have just reached out to some mediocre coaches that were looking for a summer paycheck and some free travel…but as the cool kids say…”that’s not how we roll”” (editor note: the cool kids stopped saying that in 2003…nice job Vince).

So with the top coaches on the travel team market on board, it was time to hammer out the schedule. We knew we wanted to culminate our very first tour with a large-scale event…so what better event than the largest lacrosse tournament in Europe? With the Open as the end point, we successfully carved out a schedule consisting of 14 days, 4 stops, 3 countries, and of course…1 Life Changing Experience (it’s our tagline don’t ya know). With an itinerary that is highlighted by full practice schedules, exhibition games with European National Teams, 100% authentic sightseeing and dining experiences, and a fully private 2 day training camp at the 2010 German Championships venue (yeah…we rented the whole thing out); we were getting excited. Top it all off with an all-inclusive cost that actually covers EVERYTHING for the trip (you won’t spend a dime unless you want to) and the most ridiculous team gear and uniforms that’s ever been offered…you start to scratch the surface of what Team ArchLevel will bring to the table. Don’t believe us? Check out the site and take a look for yourself. Full schedule and costs breakdowns, coaches bios, videos, FAQs, and more are waiting for you. Until you get a chance to head over there though…have a look below at some highlights:

Team ArchLevel Coaches bios:

Mens Head Coach: Kyle Harrison
-2005 National Champion and Tewaaraton winner with Johns Hopkins
-3x All-American
-4x MLL All-Star
-2006 USA Team Member
– STX and Nike Pro
– Co-founder/Player of LXM Pro Tours
– Founder Playmaker Lacrosse camps

Womens Head Coach: Joanna Lignelli
-Director of Retail Sales for STX Lacrosse
-USL Level I and II Master Trainer and Mentor
-USL Coaches Education Program Chair-Womens
-MYLA Youth coach
-Ravens Lacrosse Club manager: 2013  2018 teams
-Ravens Lacrosse Club coach: 2010, 2013 teams
-PCA trainer

Team ArchLevel Schedule Highlights:

14 Days…4 Stops…3 Countries…1 Life Changing Experience.

– Exhibition Games with European National teams and Select Squads

– Tried and tested venues by our local staff for a 100% authentic itinerary. No Google searches here!

– Private training camp at the 2010 German Championships Venue (completely booked out JUST for us)

– Privately chartered tour bus for your entire trip (we won’t depend on other people’s schedules…we can start and stop whenever we want!)

Registration Highlights:

Step I: Apply for a roster spot

Step II: Once you receive your confirmation email you must make you deposit by 15th February to secure your spot.

Step III: Complete your payments by the required dates outlined in the payment plan phases.

Step IV: Once you are paid in full we will send you your Team ArchLevel Players Pack with all of your trip information and goodies.

Check it all out at