Follow the U19 Wales World Cup journey

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Here at the ArchLevel Report we realise that we may have appeared slightly biased towards the U19 England team (entirely unintentionally of course!) and we want to prove to all of our UK-based readers, English, Scottish and Welsh alike, that we whole-heartedly support all of the British national teams taking part in the World Cup.

Wales and Scotland are currently halfway through their game and we are passionately waving flags for both the teams, cheering every goal and every save. To that end, we thought we’d bring to your attention the U19 Wales Lacrosse blog, a website detailing the team’s exciting and at times, tense journey throughout the World Cup, told through the eyes of the players themselves.

Just three or so posts in and we’re already hooked to the behind-the-scenes insights that the site offers anyone who can’t be in there at the heart of the action in Hannover. To all lacrosse fans, whether you’re a die hard Welsh supporter or just a lacrosse lover, it’s well-worth a look!

For all the tweeters out there you can also follow the Wales lacrosse squad Twitter account here.